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General condition of sales contracts

Company info:

Name: Dogbooks KFT
Address: 2310 Szigetszentmiklós Harcsa köz 3 Hungary

The language of the contract is English.

The buyer acknowledges these present conditions by placing the order.

Our products are the following:

Items for general dog keeping, such as; dog harness, dog leads, dog leash, dog collar, dog toys, etc.

Special dog training equipment, such as; bite suite, scratch pants, bite pads, bite arm, dog bite development products, dumbells, kevlar jackets, etc.

Clothing related to dog keeping like; K9 Jumpers, K9 Trousers, K9 T-Shirts, etc.

Other items connected to dog sports, K9 bags, schutzhund products, etc.

Your given data shall be saved, proving the contract between the parties. The seller handles any such data strictly confidentially and shall not disclose them in whole or in part to any third party except if the third party is our subcontractor. The subcontractors shall undertake to handle all information confidentially and have no right to reserve or use or give it to someone else. We handle data according to the EU Data Protection Law.


To place an order all your chosen items can be collected in a basket and finalize your order with the help of the order steps:

1, Checking the basket content.

2, Giving the delivery address. (if it’s different from the registered address)

3, Chosing the way of the delivery.

4, Online payment through the PayPal system.

Your order and successful online payment shall be confirmed by e-mail. In the case of faulty or non-fulfill orders the buyer shall be informed if it is possible. We shall inform the buyer about the possible reason of the non-fulfillment.

Information, special request or in the case of possible problems please contact with our customer service by e-mail (

In the case of any concerns:

If you receive a package in which the products are not the ones you have ordered or are missing some items, we request that you follow the procedure below: (

Contact us via e-mail about the exact nature of concern.

Please return the incorrect products to us via registered post.

Please include the cost of return postage and the bank account number so that we may reimburse for any and all costs of returning the goods. Please wait until we have confirmed receipt of returned goods. Immediately following confirmation we will ship the correct products at no additional costs or fees.

Thank You!

The K9 Commandogear team