Company info:

  • Name: Dog Books KFT
  • CEO: V. Bereczne Kovacs
  • Address: 2310 Szigetszentmiklós, Harcsa köz 3, HUNGARY
  • E-mail:
  • V.A.T. number: 23197240-2-13
  • Cg.13-09-145426

The language of the contract is English.

The buyer acknowledges these present conditions by placing the order.

Our products are the following:

  • Items for general dog keeping
  • Special dog training equipment
  • Clothing
  • Other items connecting to dog sports
  • Dog books, calendars

In our webshop registration is required before ordering. Your given data shall be savedproving the contract between the parties. The seller handles any such data strictly confidentially and shall not disclose them in whole or in part to any third party except if the third party is our subcontractor. The subcontractors shall undertake to handle all information confidentially and have no right to reserve or use or give it to someone else. We handle data according to the Hungarian Data Protection Law.